Tasmanian Copper Metal Art

The Marik Family

Archers Folly Saturday , April 5th 1978 is a date the Marik family will never forget. The 120 year old "Archers Folly" building in Carrick that was used as a studio, workshop and gallery for unique styles of flame painting on copper was destroyed in a tragic fire.

Today, the Marik's have constructed a studio next to the gutted building and have a reputation for originality and quality, Australia wide, with outlets in most capital cities.

Gallery Freestanding pieces, framed murals and large murals suitable for feature walls are all representative of their work. Exquisitely coloured butterflies, jewellery, statues and pots, abstracts designs to Viking vessels, land and sea scapes, zodiacs and many other subjects.

The work also adorns the walls of many Australian hotels and commercial and private buildings.

Apeice was selected for exhibition in the Bicentennial Art Exhibition as St Paul's College in Brisbane, alongside works by such Australian artists as Pro Hart, Sydney Nolan, John Glover and Arthur Boyd.

The original artist Mirek Marik has has passed his skill and his knowledge to his son Tom who will continue the family tradition.